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China Information


China InformationChina Information presents timely and in-depth analyses of major developments in contemporary China and overseas Chinese communities in the areas of politics, economics, law, ecology, culture, and society, including literature and the arts.

China Information pays special attention to views and areas that do not receive sufficient attention in the mainstream discourse on contemporary China. It encourages discussion and debate between different academic traditions, offers a platform to express controversial and dissenting opinions, and promotes research that is historically sensitive and contemporarily relevant.

The journal’s mission to promote exchanges between different academic traditions is reflected in its awareness of the important contributions made by scholars outside the Anglo-Saxon world. It actively seeks to reflect the diversity of scholarships and research agendas in America, Europe, Japan, and China. The journal includes book reviews that cover publications from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, France, and the German-speaking areas. In addition, China Information transcends the conventional boundaries between social sciences and humanities and encourages cross-fertilization between disciplines.

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