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Journal of Chinese Philosophy

 Journal of Chinese Philosophy

Journal of Chinese PhilosophyISCP is a non-profit organization founded by Professor Chung-ying Cheng at University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1975 to bring together scholars from all corners of the globe who share an interest in Chinese philosophy, and to promote the study of Chinese philosophy in both academic and non-academic circles.

To that end, ISCP supports and sponsors conferences and other activities related to Chinese philosophy in cooperation with philosophical congresses and academic institutions. In addition to its bi-annual international conferences, ISCP also regularly sponsors panels on Chinese philosophy at annual meetings of the American Philosophical Association, and at other professional conferences. In addition, as Professor Cheng founded the Journal of Chinese Philosophy in 1973 to develop ISCP in the beginning, ISCP has a mutual supporting and sponsoring relationship with the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, an international research journal devoted to academic studies of Chinese philosophy.

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